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Service Learning

Service learning combines classroom time with direct service to the local community. At UL Lafayette, we're eager to share what we're learning and work tirelessly to improve our communities. We're passionate about the possibilities for a better world.


Community service, volunteerism, civic engagement, service-learning....there are many names for the university-community partnerships that enhance learning, improve teaching, introduce students to civic leadership, and build communities.

Where it's done well, you find other labels — like "happiest" place to live, economic hub, and improved quality of life. This, of course, is almost always true of cities with a strong university connection. These are the places that are applying creative solutions to problems and looking at opportunities for good work.


Faculty, staff, students, administrators, and community-members are all in this together. We all know that our best learning-that last key-happens through doing.

It could be student teaching or nursing clinical experiences. It happens in architecture design labs and engineering co-ops. You see it in behavioral science internships, humanities writing labs-these are all of the places where we connect our learning to real life.

Service is the place for developing our knowledge human cultures, practical skills and developing social responsibility. Service is where we learn to be civic leaders. So who we partner with? Everybody! You can check out some wide variety of impact through our UL AmeriCorps, through our service opportunities noted on our Facebook.